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"This moment, The grace of this one, raptureless Moment, Is the place of pilgrimage, To which I am a pilgrim." Paul Murray

(coming soon)- Devil's Work (2020, June)

Rat Child - Forgiveness (2020, May)

Credit: Choir member

Music written and composed by Rat Child.

BST CREW - Maziner (2020, Feb)

Credit: Alto Sax 

Written and composed by Emmanuel Cundasamy

ARC - Positive/Negative Space (2019, Nov)

Positive Space
Negative Space

Credit: Alto Sax 

Music written and composed by Anthony Carr, Sarah Su

and Tim Hassall for "ARC - Surface Tension" live performance (Nov, 2019)

Engineering by Anthony Carr. 

Kia Orana (2019, Nov)

00:00 / 02:09

Credit: Choir member, audio recording, lyric co-write

Music written by Sarah Su and Abby Rose.

Recorded by Tim Hassall. Engineering by Anthony Carr

(Nov, 2019)

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