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Courage & Follow Through

I have to have the courage to overcome my inner resistance. That is some thing that i've leant over the years as a creative, though still struggle with on the daily. That and the ability to switch modality constantly throughout the day, from a final mastering sprinkle of subtle compression, to a blog post, video description upload. At the moment I'm trying to get better disciplined at only allowing myself so much time to do something, as opposed to the classic black hole of forever revising. But those thoughts are perhaps for another time.

Recently I've been putting together short trailers for past work. This has resulted in some new skills having to be learnt.

1. Batch processing in Photoshop

2. Timeline editing in Premier Pro

3. Export settings in Adobe Media Encoder

4. Revisiting unborn creative ideas for a new project

5. Clarinet playing...

Ok, the last one (clarinet playing) is something that has been going on for 30mins a day (well almost a day - let's say 5 times a week since March). I felt that it was high time to put it to work, so i arranged a jazz melody I wrote in Warrandyte National Park (or "Warren-di-tiy" as my google maps announcer likes to call it) for acoustic guitar, sax, drum kit and upright bass. I then slapped that on a stop motion still video I created of some of my pastel work I titled 'Take Care Of Me Please" (a reference to the Amanda Palmer interview I mentioned in my previous post). The idea is that perhaps these types of videos will accompany my live performances in the future. I guess, I will have to find a way to usefully archive those, like everything else.

In addition, I heard back from the videographer from Strawberry Fields festival who was in a position to share the footage with me from the performance I was a part of 2 years ago. As with all of these things, I thought best to jump on the momentum of that, and get it out and shared. That is something I'm trying to embody, as well as not getting weighed down too deeply in everything having to be perfect. More into the shipping of the project. So I edited that in a half day, recovered an existing compositional work that never saw the light of day, and tweaked it a bit to match the picture - i thought to simplify the amount of new ideas introduced, as well as to make the 'drop' section hit when the tempo of the physical action increased.

But yeh, all of the premier pro and photoshop skills are completely new to me. With the current COVID situation, the VCA (Victorian College of The Art) made these available to the cohort, so i've taken advantage of that and got a hold of the software.

Sooo, yeh, if you want to check out how the Strawberry Fields edit came out click the link below.

"Intimate Acts" (2018)

Big love


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