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'If you don't deal with your demons they go into the cellar of your soul and lift weights.'

Hi, hello, how's it? Internet world. A first blog post. Wow, finally. The title of this post comes from Tim Ferris's interview with Amanda Palmer (watch/listen) and it pretty much sums up how hard it has been for me to START this process > website, archive, space to discuss and reflect. To be vulnerable and share all the art-ing, making creating that I've been getting my hands, mind, breath, soul and body into.

Amanda Palmer has made me cry twice in the last 2 days. Once in the aforementioned interview, when she dropped the line 'just take care of me' about an hour or so in. The second time, when I watched her live performance of 'The Ride.' The clear-sighted direct 'punch to the gut' lyrics and assuredness of delivery are simply breath-taking. By that I mean, literally removing the breath from my lungs, 'Amanda please let me breathe, your art is that smack of genuine reality I was missing.' She reminded me of one of my favourite humans, Noush Anand who happens to be massively inspiring, courageous and trail-blazing in her own musical way

So yes, I am returning to the online world, to do all of the things and share them with you - to release a new EP of songs this winter, titled 'Looking In', complete an Honours in Interactive Composition at the University of Melbourne, and get this whole online space grooving and moving. I have recently started practising saxophone daily in an effort to build a deeper harmonic foundation for my compositional approach. In addition I've been arranging some horn sections for the stunning singer-songwriter Neeko. This has been a breath of fresh air that I've really needed as well - there I go with the breathing metaphors again. I guess the meditation practice I've been doing has flowed into my writing. A deft lyric writer who composes from an extremely authentic place, the themes she explores including nature, self-growth and love, struck a chord deep down in me.

Big love, Stay Tuned.

I'm currently listening to Malian singer Oumou Sangare's record Mogoya - can highly recommend it.

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ps this was the only photo on my phone haha. I took it this morning before I practised - i thought i'd wear a different necklace each day this week, to remember the beautiful people who gave me them. This one is from my sister, Katy Hassall, who is my favourite human. Artist/healer/educator, she is a ray of sunshine blessing my life.

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