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"Mind your sound, Sound your mind." ~ Pauline Oliveros

'On Body Out-Stretch' (2019, Nov)

Fashion Designer: Bianca Boyd ~ Words: Tim Hassall ~ Photography: Xander Linger ~ Stylist: madelainesansonetti  ~ Models: morgan.cooper mei.roses

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The Dream Is Not Yet Realised (2019, June)

A collaboration with composer Jessamie Kaitler, as part of the award-winning Arts Centre Melbourne mentorship program, 5x5x5. 'The Dream Is Not Yet Realised' was recorded at ABC Studios Southbank and performed with the support of Melbourne Youth Orchestra. 

Producer: Joshua Cowie

Artistic Mentor & Piano: Dr Calvin Bowman

Violin: Emma Amery
Cello: Sarah Wang
Clarinet: Liam Murphy
Vocalist: Dean Fisher

Engineer: Christopher Lawson

The Dream Is Not Yet Realised - Kaitler Jessamie Kaitler
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